Vehicle Recovery and Maintenance in Surrey and the South East

Breakdown Cover

Annual breakdown cover will be available from larger companies that cover a large proportion of the country for example the largest breakdown cover service providers in the UK are RAC, GreenFlag and the AA. With these larger companies you pay an annual fee which will provide you with assistance in the case of you breaking down in your vehicle. By using this option of vehicle recovery the service you will provide will often consist of roadside repairs and the towing of the vehicle required, these services can be upgraded depending on the type of package that you purchase through the organisation.

Local Car Recovery

If you are not covered by breakdown cover and you do come across a problem with your vehicle resulting in you breaking down, one of your options will be to use the service of a local vehicle recovery organisation. This will usually be the quicker and cheaper option due to larger companies such as the AA will have existing customers which will be their first priority.

There are many smaller organisation in Surrey which provide one off breakdown recovery:

Specialised Breakdown Cover

If you drive a caravan or tow a trailer on the back of your car for example a camper van, you will need a separate break down cover to the standard one purchased for your car. The major breakdown organisations previously mentioned provide this type of cover. A well known breakdown cover for caravans in the UK is GreenFlag, this is due to them being the official provider of the caravan club.

Commercial Vehicle Breakdown

Many organisation will have company vehicles, a combinations of cars, lorries and some may even have motorbikes. In order to maintain the upkeep of a fleet of vehicles it is wise to purchase business breakdown cover. Different companies will provide different types of cover, for example some breakdown companies will provide cover for a fleet of cars where as others will cover specialist vehicles such as vehicles in the public services for example ambulances and police cars.

(This has no relevance to the McAllister Recovery services)

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